Welcome to our Stronghold armorial roll, order of precedence and awards list! This is the 'who's who' of Battle Rock. We strive to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, so if you notice something outdated, please Sign up / log in and fix it! This page contains the combined armorial roll (who bears what arms), order of precedence (who holds what ranks and titles), and awards list (who holds what awards and honors) centralized to a single page. We hope to greatly expand this page in the future, for as it stands now, we only have a few armigerous members and only one member of rank. For a more complete order of precedence, please see West Kingdom OP [PDF] or Principality of the Mists OP [PDF]. The awards list is given in order of the highest rank achieved.

Stronghold armorial roll

[Listed alphabetically]

Battle Rock coa Battle Rock, Stronghold of - Per chevron azure and vert, on a sun within a laurel wreath Or a phoenix rousant to sinister wings addorsed gules.
Name: registered February 1995 (as "Canton of")
Device: registered February 1995 (as "Canton of")
Otto Spilman - Per pale Or and sable, a chess rook counterchanged, on a chief embattled gules, a winged mermaid harp between two hunting horns reversed Or. [Pending]
Name: Sent for registration 9January2010. LOI submitted to Laurel 31Mar2010
Device:Sent for registration 9January2010. LOI submitted to Laurel 31Mar2010
Rothri deRoss coa Rothri de Ross - Quarterly Or and sable, a winged sea-lion gules.
Name: registered August 2002 via the West
Device: registered August 2002 via the West
Wilhelm Meis
Wilhelm Meis badge
Wilhelm Meis - Argent, a chevron between two estoiles azure and an eagle sable. Badge: (Fieldless) An eagle sable, each wing charged with an estoile argent.
Name: registered April 2004 via Calontir
Device: registered March 2005 via Calontir
Badge: registered May 2006 via Calontir

Order of Precedence

  1. Rothri de Ross - Court Baron of the Far West 2010-05-05 [Uther and Kara of the West, via Abe and Ii of the Far West]

Awards List

[Listed in order of achievement: Peerages - GOA - AOA - Baronial - Honors]

Tatiana MacPherson - AOA, Acorn, Coeur de Serpent, Harp Argent Caid commons
Coeur de Serpent: 1998-11-07 via Caid [Barony of Calafia]
Acorn: 2000-05-28 via Caid (nonarmigerous - for Youth)
Award of Arms: 2000-11-11 via Caid
Harp Argent: 2003-12-13 via Caid (AOA - for Middle Eastern dance) [Direk and Levana] Unclaimed scroll
Wilhelm Meis - AOA, Leather Mallet
AOA, simple: 2004-07-24 via Calontir [Siridean & Sile]
Leather Mallet: 2006-01-28 via Calontir (AOA - for Toys & Games) [Martino II & Ariel II]
Rothri de Ross - AOA, Baronial Order of the Burdened Bouget, Baronial Order of the Oriental Dragon, Baronial Order of the Empty Shell {premature}, Baronial Order of the Leaping Dolphin, Far West Support (Baronial honor)
Order of the Oriental Dragon: 2002-04-06 [Cynesige & Bernard (Far West]
AOA, simple: 2006-02-11 via the West [Conrad & Marguerite (Far West)]
Order of the Empty Shell: 2007-04-21 [Jak & Marguarite (Far West)]
Order of the Leaping Dolphin: 2009-10-24 [Vail & Marixa (Far West)]
Order of the Burdened Bouget: 2009-10-24 [Vail & Marixsa (Far West)]
Far West Support: 2010-04-04 [Abe and Ii (Far West)]
Otto Spilman - AOA, Baronial order of the Oriental Dragon, Baronial Light Weapons Champion, Baronial Arts and Science Champion
AOA, simple: 2010-04-04 [Far West (Abe and Ii)]
Order of the Oriental Dragon: 2010-04-04 [Far West (Vail and Marixsa)]