Wk seneschal

In the Middle Ages, a seneschal was a high-ranking member of the staff of a nobleman's household. His duties could range from supervising feasts and ceremonies to dispensing justice, but his main job was administration of the household. The duties of an SCA seneschal are very similar. SCA seneschals are responsible for administrative tasks and keeping the group's records. Seneschals keep the records up to date and ensure that the West Kingdom is functioning. They make sure events and meetings are held, and they act as liaisons between the "real world" and the SCA. Naturally, this can't be done by a single individual, so every branch of the SCA has a seneschal and a whole host of officers with specific areas of responsibility. It is this group of officers, working together, like the staff of a large household, that ensures the SCA, the kingdom, and the local groups keep running and the populace has a safe place to play.[1]

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Our local Seneschal is Lord Bjorn Olfuss (