• Stevenyuko

    To the Admiral Black Harry, does your good Captain of the Printz Retter der Meere send greetings, As it has come to my attention of great news in the Barony I do send this request. All though the Printz Retter der Meere is a strong and sturdy sea ready ship, her Sailors are fierce warriors, but sadily few. The ship in only as strong as the sailors that guards its planks, from port to stern, and from bow to aft. Even then, the mightiest of ships still go down. All though few, our sailors defend our seas and protects against the attacks of our shores here in Battle Rock and the surrounding seas of the Far West. Every sailor aboard the Printz Retter der Meere is considered of an utmost importance to the sucsess of the Navy. With this being …

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  • Stevenyuko

    Ok, Well I have started me research on getting us a castle site. There are few with admissions and a few without. The main Website can be found at for the Castles that fall under the heritage sites. As I find information and talk to each site and see what can be worked out, I will post follow ups here.

    Management / Inquiries

    • The Ruins of Nakagusuku Castle Site Management Association

    503 Oshiro, Nakagusuku Village, Okinawa 901-2314 Japan Phone: (098)935-5719 Fax.(098)935-1146

    • Kitanakagusuku Board of Education

    435 Chunjun, Kitanakagusuku Village, Okinawa Prefecture 901-2392 Phone: (098)935-3773

    • Lifelong Learning Section Nakagusuku Board of Education Lifelong Learning Section

    190 Asato, Nakagusuku Vi…

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  • Stevenyuko

    Re: [Far West E-Group] Re: The Baronial Navy of the Far West

    Admiral Black Harry,

    We are pleased to accept Lord Otto Spilman into our Navy as Captain of the Prinz Retter der Meere. He has truly undergone great travails to reach our shores, and we have every faith that he and his crew, along with the other ships of the Navy, will secure our shores against the dreadful pirate scourge, and prevent the same misfortune from befalling any other ships in our waters. (Any, that is, except those of our enemies!)

    Thank you also for the gentle reminder that the seas around Golden Playne remain undefended. Although the Canton's nascent army is mighty, we do indeed need at least one ship to secure our Baronial and Canton waters from the dreadful pirates o…

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  • Stevenyuko

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010 3:18 PM From: "Alfar Kiffiny"

    My Lord Otto,

    Please forgive me if you've already gotten an email from me concerning this matter -- I'm not sure if it went through or not.

    Greetings Lord Otto from Ketiley, Queen of the West. It has come to Our attention that you are an Artist who's work deserves recognition within Our great Kingdom. I am minded to name you as one of My Queen's Artisans, my representative for the Arts and Sciences in the Barony of the Far West. If you are willing to take this position for the duration of Our Reign We would ask a few things from you.

    First of all, this is a position much like that of a Queen's Guard. My safety would be in your hands should I have the honor of visiting Our Great Barony in the …

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  • Stevenyuko

    Please click here for access to all the photos from tournament. If you have any photos or videos please either pass them on to me and I can update them all in the same folder or post your own personal link here.

    Otto Spilman (talk) 16:31, January 23, 2010 (UTC)

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