Queen's Artisan Appointment

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 3:18 PM From: "Alfar Kiffiny"

My Lord Otto,

Please forgive me if you've already gotten an email from me concerning this matter -- I'm not sure if it went through or not.

Greetings Lord Otto from Ketiley, Queen of the West. It has come to Our attention that you are an Artist who's work deserves recognition within Our great Kingdom. I am minded to name you as one of My Queen's Artisans, my representative for the Arts and Sciences in the Barony of the Far West. If you are willing to take this position for the duration of Our Reign We would ask a few things from you.

First of all, this is a position much like that of a Queen's Guard. My safety would be in your hands should I have the honor of visiting Our Great Barony in the Far West, or should you have to opportunity to travel here during this reign. Sadly, at this time, I do not think We shall be touring Our Lands in the Far West, much to My chagrin.

Secondly, I would ask that you display your art and encourage newer members of the society to become more involved. I would ask that you do this in a manner that you feel comfortable with and have time to do. I will send you several tokens that you can give to people you feel deserve to be honored for their efforts and achievements -- to give out as you wish. If you had anything specific in mind, feel free to contact me about it, but please don't let this overwhelm you!

Thirdly, the Palatine Baron and Baroness of the Far West will be making a Progress through the many diverse regions of the Barony and also to Our Cousins in Lochac. They will be acting as Our representatives during this long journey -- and I was hoping that you could help them by donating a one or two items of Largesse in order to display the wonderous talents of Our Artists here in the West Kingdom. I would ask that you defer to the Baron and Baroness in this matter -- and most importantly that you do not overextend yourself!

It would be my honor to name you as My Queen's Artisan -- if this is agreeable to you please reply via email. And also, if you could, send me a link so that I may further view some of your art. I would like for us to stay in contact during My Reign so that I may further know you, your comrades, and know more about what you do!

Please send me an address so I can ship the tokens and My Favor for you to wear.

My Thanks, Ketiley, Queen of the West

Queens Aritsan Acceptance

Greetings Your Majesty, Ketiley, Queen of the West, I am Lord Otto Spilman, A&S Minister of the Far West, and current Baronial A&S Champion of the Far West. I have received your email with great anticipation. I Humbly accept and offer my skills as an artisan to the service of the crown and your Majesty. It is a great honor to be offered a position of such magnitude and hope that I may live to my name which has traveled so far to reach your ears.As the Queens Artisan, I promise to uphold all that is required of me, to serve, and provide to The Kingdom of the West, and the Palentine Barony of the Far West all means to excel in the Arts and Sciences. I will share and teach all that I know, and have done in hopes others will follow in my foot steps in the name of Your Majesty. Not only will I promote further learning, I will pass your tokens in favor of those who also show great promise in the A&S.

As Your Majesty's Artisan and Guard I will also protect you near and far, during peace and during war. May all your travels be safe while under my guard. On Land, may my sword give you comfort and protection from all that wish you harm. By sea, As the Captain of the Prinz Retter Der Meere, FarWest Navy, may I protect the shores and seas of all that falls under the Kingdom of the West so your journeys my traveled with ease, and supplies reach your shores without toil.. Finally, It would be of my great pleasure to produce a Largesse, fit for the Crown of Lochac. I will send a note to the Baroness and Barron by Carrier Pigeon Service in regards to their Excellence's ideas for an appropriate gift.

I thank you once again for such an Honor. I hope our paths may cross during your current Reign so I may convey my gratitude in person. The email that I am writing from goes straight to my Blackberry and will result in the quickest reply. Feel free to email me anytime. As requested, here are some links to some of the projects I have completed. Also I will be mailing 3 or Four projects to the West A&S Minister to be entered "proxy" into the West Kingdom A&S Competition coming up. I hope Your Majesty will have the time to take a peak.

Some of my projects:

My not so updated Blog/User Page

Poulains and Pattens I made

Home Made Paper and Deckle and Mould, Two Scrolls. One of which was painted on the home made Paper.

German Waffenrok (Arming Gown)

Coronet made for our Newest Appointed Court Baron Baron Rothri De Ross

Humbly yours in your Service,

Lord Otto Spilman, C.O.D.

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