To the Admiral Black Harry, does your good Captain of the Printz Retter der Meere send greetings, As it has come to my attention of great news in the Barony I do send this request. All though the Printz Retter der Meere is a strong and sturdy sea ready ship, her Sailors are fierce warriors, but sadily few. The ship in only as strong as the sailors that guards its planks, from port to stern, and from bow to aft. Even then, the mightiest of ships still go down. All though few, our sailors defend our seas and protects against the attacks of our shores here in Battle Rock and the surrounding seas of the Far West. Every sailor aboard the Printz Retter der Meere is considered of an utmost importance to the sucsess of the Navy. With this being said, the safety of our sailors must be upheld because the loss of even one could mean the loss of the ship. It has come to my attention through the scuttlebutt, that a member of the Far West Army, a Sailor aboard our ship and the beloved Baron and Baroness of the Far West that we protect with our lives has just introduced a newest member to the crew. Baby Zoey. I feel it is my obligation to make sure that all aboard my ship have safe travel to and from the ship in the case of anything happening to the Printz Retter Der Meere and in light of this wonderful news, I request permission to commision the building of a new row-boat that will safely guide our sailors and their children to the shores. I humbily ask that upon the completion of the row boat we commision it as the "Prinzessin Zoey die leuchtenden Sterne" in honor of our newest crew member and daughter of our beloved Excellency's. It is of German Custom to name our boats after those that are important to us, and as the German Captain of a German vessel I feel that this would properly pay hommage to the Baron and his lovely Baroness. This Translates in your toungue as "Princess Zoey, the shining Star". With new life comes new hope, and may the new life provide us with a "shining star" to lead us safely to shore. With this I mosty Humbily request..

Your most humble Captian and Servant, Captain Spilman of the Printz Retter der Meere

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