Welcome to the Users page!

Here you will find some useful tips, helpful links, and some of the basic information every editor needs to know. If you find a link, tip, or trick that you would like to share with other editors, feel free to add it to this page.

User links and tools on this wiki

  • List all users - be sure to change "Contributed: 5 times or more" to "all users", or you will get an incomplete list!
  • MyHome user portal - this is your portal to the wiki with some useful features.
  • Preferences - go here to control how you view and edit the wiki.
  • Change password - go here to change your password.
  • Recent wiki activity - go here to view all recent edits.
  • Watchlist - recent changes to pages on your watchlist.
  • Widgets list - list of add-ons designed to add features to Wikia wikis.


On your Preferences page, you can enable or disable a number of features that affect how you view and edit the wiki. The page uses a tabbed menu, so here is a brief look at a few of these tabs.

User profile

Here you can change your name and e-mail address, customize your signature, upload an avatar, and select your e-mail notification preferences.


As of November 3, 2010, Wikia will force a change-over to the "new look" and abandon the Monaco skin that our wiki has been using since its launch. The 'Skin' tab will become obsolete, and may even disappear entirely, at that time.


By default, Rich Text Editing will be enabled. If you disable this feature, your editing window will look exactly like the one you see on Wikipedia. Experienced Wikipedia users may be more comfortable editing with Rich Text Editing disabled.


When adding comments, such as on a talk page, a user talk page, or on the News bulletin, you should sign your posts with four tildes (~~~~). When you click 'Save page' this will automatically be converted to your signature with a time stamp. If you have created a custom signature under the 'User profile' tab on your 'Preferences' page, it will be used here. If you have not created a custom signature, it will simply display your username. To preview what your signature will look like, simply type in the four tildes and click 'Preview' at the bottom of the edit window.